Rosaire's Royal Racers
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Rosaire's Royal Pig Racers

Date: Apr 04 - Apr 14, 2024
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She and her father travel the country from their home base in Bostwick, FL, 10 months of the year bringing their act, “Rosaire’s Royal Racers” to fans at county and state fairs, private parties and festivals.

Her parents started the business for themselves 25 years ago after working for another pig racing entity for a few years. Pamela and her brother and sister grew up in the family’s huge RV, lovingly called the “Porcine Palace.”

The pigs — they travel with 24 pigs of different varieties —have living quarters in the lower section of the vehicle, complete with air conditioning. “It’s ridiculous, it’s very plush,” she said. Their human counterparts have living quarters upstairs.

Rosaire was also home-schooled aboard the “Porcine Palace.” She said that the traveling life of a performer is the life for her. “Even if I don’t end up pig racing forever I’m definitely going to be in the entertainment industry,” she said.

The best part of her job is the fans who cheer wildly as the racing pigs make their way around the track. “They go hog wild. It’s all about the people,” she said. “It’s a true adrenaline rush.”
The pigs begin training to be racers when they’re about 1 month old. The Rosaires used cream-filled cookies, similar to Oreo's, as bait. She said the pigs are very intelligent and could “blow a dog right out of the water” in terms of train-ability. “A lot of people think they’re dumb and dirty, but they’re very intelligent,”
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